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October 6, 2020 – SDG Executive Minutes

Saskatoon SDG Executive – October 6 2020 – Via Zoom

Present: Scott C, Wendy C, Jason C, Tyrone, James L, Jay W, Kodi P, Casey M

Regrets: Andy P, Kevin B, Kai H, Kris R

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August 4, 2020 – SDG Executive Minutes

SDG Board of Directors

August 4th 2020

Zoom meeting


Present:Scott C, Wendy C, Jason Cotu, James Lawson, Kevin B, Jay W, Andy P, Tyrone, Casey Murray

Regrets:Kai H

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July 10, 2020 — SDG Executive Minutes

Members present: Kevin Baribeau, Jason Coutu, James Lawson, Kodi Poettcker, Scott Chapman, Wendy Champan

Regrets: Jay Dub, Kai Hicks, Tyrone Okrainetz, Casey Murray, Andy Palmer

Meeting called to order at 9:06


  Accept minutes from last meeting

  Business arising from minutes

  Reid Complaint letter

  Directors Reports

  Any other business

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June 2nd, 2020 — SDG Executive Minutes

Covid meeting #3

Attendance: Casey Murray, Tyrone, Kris Roach, Jason Coutu, Wendy Chapman, Kevin Baribeau, Andy Palmer, James Lawson. Jay White joined a few minutes late

JC: last meeting minutes accepted? Moved by WC. Seconded by… none opposed


KB: talk about phase 3
Directors reports
KB: Why did the website go down? Can I help. Add to agenda Continue reading

May 5, 2020 — SDG Executive Minutes

COVID meeting #2 May 5th 2020

Attendance: CM, Tyrone, JC, Kris, SC, AP, KP, JW, JL, SC, WC
Regrets: KB and Kai also DP

Called to order 8:07


President: JW Hard to do much in current situation. Want to make a plan to finalize extra pins.
Parks grant submitted last week, should hear back soon. Posted on FB for public feedback on Reid. Hoping to do a walk-through of Reid this weekend.

Course Development

JL: Our grant application asked for $6k. out of a 12K pool. Sounds promising to get something. Continue reading

April 7, 2020 — SDG Executive Minutes

SDG April 7th “Emergency” meeting Re: covid

Meeting conducted Via zoom

Attendance: Jason Coutu, Casey Murray, Scott Chapman, Wendy Chapman, Kevin Baribeau, Kodi Poettcker, Andy Palmer, Jay White, Kris Roach, James Lawson

Course Development

JL: meeting with City, business as usual, not much direction from them. Alt locations at Reid needed re tree damage. Gave the nod to receive alt pin locations at Deif and evaluate, could be done despite covid situation. Not upset that we did little last year. They are ok with a putting green at Deif and at Reid, submit that with proposal. Continue reading

March 10, 2020 — SDG Executive Minutes

Attendance: Kris R., Kodi P., Scott C., Wendy C., Kevin B., Tyrone O., James L., Jason C., Jay W., Dave P., Andy P.
Regrets: Kai H., Casey M.

Jason C. calls to order at 8:04pm


A – Board direction

Jay W. – President: Asks for everyone’s top tier vision.

Kodi P. – Juniors: grow juniors; junior only tournament.

Kris R. – League coordinator: run league similar to last year. (James mentioned possibly expanding into PDGA/Women’s league). Formation of subcommittee to bounce ideas. Sponsorship for tags? Continue reading

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