SDG Executive Tues Dec 7 2021


Present: Wendy, Scott, Alex, Kevin, Jakob, Tyler

Regrets: Kodi, Casey, Jay W, Jason G, Kris, James

Note Taker: Kevin

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Quorum not met, need 8, only have 6.
Accept the minute from last meeting Unable to accept last month’s minutes without quorum.
Any business carrying over from last meeting Smart layouts are now in place. We can now change the course layouts without UDisc’s approval.

Old layouts are still active, if inactivate them UDisc will permanently retire them (UDisc wants everyone using smart layouts)

Hole numbers are still a little wonky. Needs experimentation

Course Development Have informally organized teepad cleaning.

Want to purchase shovel/scraper, can’t approve that expense without quorum.

Have funding for signage at Reid from city park enhancement program. Still need signholders from Jay White.

Dief signage is still incomplete until new layouts are finalized (we’re losing holes 15-18 because they are not irrigated). May gain some holes on/near the hill.

Leagues No updates
Sport Director CN rail has a community board that gives out funding. Disc golf may be a good fit since their track goes right by Reid. Applications are due in March.

City has similar grants. So does Federated Co-op. Board will investigate

Membership DG Sask wants clubs to be sending them money based on membership numbers. Still unknown what Saskatoon Disc Golf would get out of it (Sask Sport status?)
Finance No Updates
Communications No Updates
Secretary No Updates
President Will be absent next meeting and will defer meeting chair