Present: CM, JC, KR, JW, KB, AP, WC, Alex P, Marc L


Note Taker: Casey

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


call to order 802 pm 9 here, quorum met.
New agenda items? Regular agenda plus, Marc L, Sponsorship.

Motion to accept agenda, second WP, Second Kevin B.

Motion to accept last meeting meeting. Moved and second, WP/Marc L
Action items from last meeting Signing authority, updated to included treasurer, Pres and course director.
Sponsorship Lucky bastard as sanitizer sponsor. LB will supply enough to place on every hole. Will need spritz bottles, but Marc L will confirm Marc to follow up with bottle needs, we will need bottles before membership tournament
President Lots happening!

Lets smash it!

Membership drive, want it to run clean, want it to run smooth.

Course Development
Membership development JL Absent
Gophertown/League League registration open, 22 in already. Pre league starts this week.  Tags are ordered. Will keep the meeting group at start small by starting groups as they arrive.
Sport Development New sponsors: Amazing stories and Dragons Den Games.

Ordered custom stamped junior discs, will arrive at the end of the program.  50-55 discs with 30 juniors, will sell the rest after. 

Coaches jerseys are ordered.

Registration, filled at 28 spots.  7 on the wait list.  Capacity could be 36.  Have opened it to 32 people given coaches. so still 2 on wait list.

Some kind of signage may be helpful for Wednesdays? A lawn sign for hole 1?

Adults have approached Alex looking for lessons.  There is demand, but do we want to take it on? It could be in the form of clinics, one off or monthly. Perhaps we need another board position to take this on? Could use other less used parks to bring exposure.(Reids community Assoc is already doing this)

What about a directory for private lessons?

Alex will chase down sign options.

Kevin B will start a directory on the web site.(Jay, Alex and Kodi will put their name in)

Tournament  Escape open, have made a sub committee: Alex, Kevin, Jason, Scott. Have looked at layouts for tournament. Looking to sell more sponsorships. Prodigy possible equipment sponsor. registration opens mid-may.

May 1 membership drive. The city is hesitant with Covid. Despite our safeguards (virtual meeting, online scoring, etc) Likely we wouldt need to book the course if it came to that.  Would like 5-6 people at hole one to direct traffic.  Also need 18 baskets so they can preview alternate pin locations, perhaps a few sleeves could be sunk? 

What about prizing/payouts? We could use the entry fees, there seems to be support for this.

Looking for volunteers for the membership tournament.

Motion to buy 9 more lights from Kodi (18 total) from Marc L, second by Kris. None opposed, motion carries

Communications Have been updating the website for 2021. Still need logos for sponsorships. Alex please proof updates to junior page.
Finance Dealt with signing authority. Need to pay for basket going to Donna, waiting for invoice from Escape.  Will meet with Alex re accounting.
Secretary Nothing to add.
Course Development Have replaced Missing basket at Donna Birkmaier. 

Have sent a tree layout to the city for approval.  Looking to do a walkthrough with them this month.

Diefenbaker alternates the City is very cooperative: we have 14 sleeves. So we need 4 at least. We could also sink tournament sleeves (3) as well. Scott will send out a final layout to the board.

The city will let us use the hill in the summer, could add three holes to the hill for sure.

We could use 10 sleeves. Scott will look into pricing. Plus 3 for practice

Scott is a pricing out signage and applying for funding from the city.

Some talk about the city putting in random baskets in parks for putting etc.

City wants something done around tee boxes at Reid, we may need to convince them to use shale?

Do we need to protect people at practice area at Reid? Perhaps signage could help with this.

When do we move to parking lot of Dief for hole 1. We could start with the Escape Open.

League will move to the lot as well and start on the current 13 (this will be the new hole 1)

Any other Business? Jay would like to move the good baskets from Birkmeier to Dief and swop. Seems to be support.

Either before League. or wait until Escape Open.

Do we have a tent? James L? Need something for the women’s tournament.

Motion to adjourn Scott  9:59