Registration Opens April 1st

Saskatoon’s premier event is nearly open for registration!  The ESO is now bigger and better than ever!

Hole sponsorship opens on April 1st and general registration on April 8th.

Registration can be found here!

Thank You, Saskatoon!!!

The final report is back from the Saskatoon Ice Bowl:

The event raised $2221.35, with an additional 2 anonymous donations totaling $6112.65, bringing the final total donation to $8334!  I will finalize the report to Ice Bowl HQ in the coming days. – James Lawson

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event a huge success!

PDGA Sanctioned Leagues are BACK!!!

SDG is proud to announce the return of PDGA sanctioned leagues!  If Gophertown wasn’t enough for you, you want to improve your PDGA rating, you want to flex on your golf buddies, or you just want to see how you stack up against Saskatoon’s best, this is where you need to be.

The spring session is live for registration as of March 20th and will be held at Eagle Creek Regional Park Disc Golf course.  But that’s not all…

There will also be a summer session held at the Saskatoon courses in July and August.

Visit the SDG Sanctioned League page for all the details and for registration.

(EDIT: The cost of spring league is different than originally posted.  All relevant information has been updated as of March 25, 2024.)

(SDG is still looking to fill the final Member at Large position on the board, so if you are interested in having a say in the direction of local disc golf, please consider joining the board.)

Gophertown is Live!


Gophertown Disc Golf League had just launched! Details can be found at

The spring disc golf season is officially upon us now that Gophertown registration is live. More leagues and tournaments are soon to follow so keep your eyes on for the latest information.

(SDG is still looking to fill the final Member at Large position on the board, so if you are interested in having a say in the direction of local disc golf, please consider joining the board.

Member-at-Large Position Open

Saskatoon Disc Golf is looking to fill the final vacant Member-at-Large position.


If you would like to have a voice in upcoming development of disc golf in Saskatoon,  consider joining the board of directors.

*Any potential applicant must be a current SDG member.*

If you are interested in joining the SDG Board, please contact us through one of our many channels of communication.

2023 AGM Zoom Link

The link to our AGM zoom is here!

Proposed Bylaw changes for AGM

The board of Saskatoon Disc Golf is proposing the following attached changes to our bylaws. These changes will be voted on at the upcoming AGM.

Saskatoon Disc Golf Proposed By-Laws – 2023

2023 AGM Announcement

Hey all,

It’s time again for our annual AGM. See below for the details.

Date: Nov 26th, 2023 @ 2:00pm

Location: The Meeting will be held at Venice House Traditional Grill located at 906 Central Ave in Sutherland.  We will also have a zoom room available for members wanting to attend remotely.
Meeting Package: The meeting package will be available on the website 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Submissions for bylaw changes: The board is currently working on some proposed bylaw changes this cycle. Any member in good standing can also submit a proposed bylaw change by 11:59pm Nov 12th, 2023, to have it added to the agenda.

Submissions for Agenda Items: Any member in good standing can submit an item for the meeting agenda by 11:59am Nov 19th, 2023, to have it added to the agenda.

Attendance and Voting requirements: Anyone in the Saskatoon Disc Golf community is welcome to attend the meeting. Voting is restricted to Members with a current paid membership as of 11:59pm Nov 12th, 2023, and are 18 years old or older at the time of the meeting.


Board Elections occur at the AGM.


Anticipated Departures: Sport Development Director, Member-At-Large (2)

Current Vacancies: Membership Director, Communications Director


SDG Board Positions and their Roles:

President – Chair the monthly board meetings, keep the board organized and on task. Main point of contact for affiliate organizations and the Provincial Disc Golf Association. 

Finance Director – Financial management and oversight of the Corporation’s spending, budgets, and financial reporting.

Tournament Director – Responsible for scheduling, planning and coordination of tournaments. Not required to be the TD but must delegate people to each role to help the events run successfully. A tournament committee is strongly recommended to help with this position. 

Leagues Director – Responsible for overall coordination and scheduling of volunteers to run the league events. A league committee is strongly recommended to help with this position.

Sport Development Director – Main organizer of volunteers and events that encourage and grow participation in Disc Golf. Duties in this portfolio include – Organizing the Junior league (with a committee of coaches / volunteers is recommended) and Organizing Learn-To Clinics in schools and communities around the city. 

Course Development Director – Responsible for planning, maintenance and installation of new courses and course upgrades, grant applications, liaise with the City of Saskatoon, and maintain our relationship for our current city contracts and always be searching for new areas of growth. 

Membership Development Director – Collect membership information, distribution of membership cards and coordinating membership recruiting events. For example – Membership Drive Tournament

Communications Director – Responsible for managing the SDG Website, all of our social media and corporate email accounts and making sure our members are up to date on current SGD news. 

Secretary – Taking minutes at monthly board meetings.

Member at Large (5 positions) – Voting board members without a specific portfolio – we encourage our MALs to become part of one or more committees within the board structure. 


Dec 2022 – SDG Executive Meeting Minutes

1 – Call to Order

  • Members present: 
  • Regrets: 

2 – Acceptance of the Agenda

3 – Acceptance of Last meeting’s minutes – Nov 1, 2022 

4 – Business Arising from last month’s minutes and Action items

  • Scott ordered locks
  • Scott rented a storage locker  


5 – Directors Reports

  • Course Development – Scott
    1. Sub-committee for snow clearing at the courses
    2. Sea Can storage at Dief
    3. Donna Birkmaier meeting with the city


  • League Director – Kris


  • Sport Development – Alex 


  • Membership Development – Jakob


  • Putting league


  • Tournament Director – Vacant 
    1. Need to form a tournament committee and work with Kodi to start planning dates for the upcoming season. Clint and Brandon were interested in helping this year   Who wants to be on this committee and start this process? 


  • Finance Director – Jason


  • Communications Directory – Vacant
    1. Scott can help post info on the website and Kevin said he could also help us out until we find someone
  • Secretary – Vacant


  • President – Wendy
    1. MOU
    2. Sub-committee for Bylaws / Director positions

6 – Other Business

  • Homeless shelter near William A Reed Park

7 – Adjournment

Nov 2022 – SDG Executive Meeting Minutes

Present: CM, Scott, Wendy, Jason C, Kris, Tyrone, Alex, Jason Grant, James Lawson


Note Taker:CM

Agenda item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:00pm

Quorum? Yes

Any Agenda items to add
Accept the agenda Motion: Scott Second: Alex
Accept the minute from last meeting Motion: Alex  Second: Scott
Business arising from last meeting minutes Scott still looking into a set of Locks

Scott Talked to the City regarding seacan at Diefenbaker, Depends on park.  They are looking into it.  We will likely need to get a storage unit in the meantime. Will need to figure out a payment option, possibly an SDG cc.

Scott will look into storage unit near Diefenbaker and what payment they will accept.

Scott still looking into a set of Locks

Course development Sleeves are installed. 15-17 Bs. and A/B for 4 new holes.  Need one more for 18B, that will be next year.

We have sign holders for Dief and Reid. Have a plan to meet with the City regarding irrigation and trees etc.

CN grant- looking into process to actually get cash from them

Donna B meeting- The City has asked that we renew maintenance contracts with them for all 3 courses. We would like to discuss the Donna course with the City given cost/theft and lack of maintenance there. Meeting is on Nov 21

We have a new contact for the afforestation area project, they will also be at the Nov 21 meeting.



Glow league finished up, 10 were signed up. Probably 10-12 more playing.

Plan to start putting league in the new year

Sport Development


Plans to do more clinics in schools in may/june and sept/oct. And Businesses and community groups in the summer.  Aiming for 10-12 minimum. 

Looking to standardize the clinic, working with Escape Sports.


Jason Cotuu

Each event has been costed out. Still in the process of building the financial picture.

The change of end of year has affected our financial picture somewhat to the negative. All told we should be ~4k in the red. A very good year.

700 lines of raw transactions to account for, there is a lot of work in financials with a big year like this.

Next year we will need a standing financial committee that meets once per month to monitor transactions and help stay on top of things.

James Ice Bowl Would like to run the Saskatoon ice bowl this year, and do a splash for the 20th anniversary.
Meeting adjourned 8:38
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