SDG Executive Tues Nov 2 2021

Present: CM, Jason Coutu, Kodi P, Scott C, Wendy, C, Kris R, Alex P, Marc L, Kevin B

Regrets: Jay W

Note Taker:CM

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:32

Quorum? Yes, 9

Accept the minute from last meeting No required edits. Motion to approve? Alex, second Marc. Minutes Accepted
Any Agenda items to add none.  Motion to accept standard agenda, passed.
League: Nothing to add, league is wrapped. The plan is to run multiple different leagues next year.  Shorten the regular season and add a glow season. The details will be filled out in the off season.
Course Development Nothing to report.
Sport development Nothing new
Tournament Nothing new, looking forward to more tournaments next year
Communication Built email list of members.  Waiting to build communication plan for AGM.  

Must get notice out by Saturday.  AGM, Saturday November 21 12 pm. Need an RSVP

Kevin will put out communication, Jason will give him the text to publish (email, facebook, website)
Secretary Will book a room at 21st street tap room for November 21, 12 noon, but need to know numbers. Jason to make a poll for AGM RSVP, Casey to book a room in the 21st street tap room.
Treasurer Finalizing the last payouts.  Will email out financials when they close.

Far more enrollment than expected, everything made money.  Look at your budgets and think about spending next year.  Jason will circulate a document for people to ask for budget line increases, need this by next week, Thursday Nov 11.

All of the directors should produce a report, at least one paragraph each, more as needed, to circulate at the AGM.

Succession planning, we may need to fill a few spots. Jay is stepping down as President, but would like to stay on as a member at large.

Jason will wrap this year’s finances, build the new budget and a succession planning doc.
Other business We have multiple layouts at Diefenbaker now. We have the ability to have course ambassadors to log in and make adjustments, Scott C is currently the ambassador  for our 3 and Eagle Creeks course.

Smart layout option will create a curated master layout.

Scott C will explore the functionality and whether we can add multiple tee pads etc. then we will either have a single master/smart layout with options or multiple smart layouts to accommodate fringe uses.
Motion to adjourn 9:09 Marc.