SDG Executive Tues Jan 5 2021


Present: Casey, Kevin, Tyrone, Alex, Jakob, James

Regrets: Kodi, Wendy and Scott

Note Taker:CM

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:06

Quorum not met, need 8, only have 6

Any Agenda items to add
Accept the minute from last meeting Unable to accept last month’s minutes without quorum.
Any business carrying over from last meeting Nothing urgent.
Sport development Juniors not for some time.  Starting to look at coaching and who may be interested this year, will post on executive FB to gauge interest. 
Membership Will meet with James Lawson to get membership information.

Perhaps we should change our year end to match up with PDGA, Jason Cotuu will know how to make the change? PDGA affiliation will need to be renewed at some point, not sure how that affects the fiscal year end,we will  table this discussion until next meeting.

Discuss fiscal year end timing and PDGA affiliation
Communications Little new.  Will post minutes from last meeting.
ICE Bowl Disc golf Sask is organizing the ice bowl again.  We are slated for  the first week in Feb, the 5th, tentatively.  They have pre-ordered an amount of discs and will offer them for sale with registration. Will offer a day and night round option.

Waiting to get feedback from DGS before announcing the date etc.

Kevin will put a tentative post out to the public with our ice bowl date.
For next Agenda Alex is hoping to have a draft to apply for some funding from CN, would like a small team to help edit/polish the application.
Adjourn meeting Motion to adjourn, Casey 8:40 PM