The Gophertown League is intended to be a place where players can come out to enjoy a fun, lightly competitive round of disc golf with a positive and encouraging group of golfers.

The 2024 season will run 13 weeks on Thursday nights from May 9th -Aug 15th, with the last 2 weeks (Aug 8th and 15th) being Playoff rounds to determine final season rankings. Playoffs will be tiered, based on the 7 best individual scored rounds.

The schedule this year includes 9 weeks of individual score, 2 weeks of doubles, and 2 weeks of match play.


This year, league fees are $55 for the season while Saskatoon Disc Golf members (register here) pay $50, so be sure to get that membership!  Every registered Gophertown player will receive a league tee-shirt and the opportunity to win prizes; CTP (closest to the pin) and Longest Make (longest made putt) prizes are awarded every week.

Meet time

Gophertown League is held every Thursday evening at Diefenbaker Park.  Player’s meeting will be held at 6:15pm next to the building with the bathrooms; rounds start around 6:30pm.  Score will be kept on the U-Disc app under the events tab.  You can sign up for a U-Disc account for FREE and it will allow you to keep score of all your rounds.

End of Round/Scoring

PDGA rules are the governing rules for the Gophertown League.

Conduct and Etiquette

  1. Please be respectful of other golfers and park users while in the park.  Drugs and alcohol are not allowed in the park or any other public areas, no exceptions!
  2. Garbage bins are placed throughout the park; please dispose of your waste appropriately.
  3. Please avoid using profane language in and around the park; we wish to ensure the public park can comfortably be used by everyone in our community.

As for course etiquette, the main things worth mentioning in order to keep everyone happy would be:

Non-disc golfing park users always have the right of way. Please ensure there is no risk of accidentally hitting a park user, a vehicle, or other disc golfers before throwing your disc.

  1. If you want to play music for your round, please ensure your group is comfortable with it before turning on music during your round.  Ask all members in the group if they mind, if 1 person says that they would rather not listen to music while playing, then do not play any music.
  2. If the group behind you is catching up to you – please let them play through. It shows a courtesy and mindfulness of others, and helps with the pace of play.
  3. Be respectful of the noise level when close to tee boxes and baskets so unnecessary distractions are avoided.

Other than that, have fun, meet new people, grow the community.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone out for another great season.

Questions or comments can be directed to Kris Roach @