September 7 2021 – SDG Executive Meeting Minutes

Present: CM, Jason C, Kris, James L, Jay W, Wendy C, Scott C, Andy P, Kevin B, Marc L

Regrets: Kodi P, 

Note Taker:CM

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:03

Quorum ?½ board plus 1 =8? We have Quorum

Any Agenda items to add No, standard agenda. Motion to accept, Scott. Second Wendy/  None opposed.
Accept the minute from last meeting Kevin Will edit and post them for approval.
Accept Julys minutes (August didn’t have quorum) Motion to approve, Wendy. Second, Jay.  None opposed.
President Not much to report.  Looking foreword to todays discussion.
Course development How is the sign construction coming along Jay? It is in Jason’s Yard, Jay will pick it up and mount it.

City of Saskatoon has given us some time to install signs.  Do we want to install all 18 alternates now, even though we may lose some holes. We would have to reapply to install on the hill, that is a different process involving the optimists(The solicitor’s office). Two more holes not including the hill would get us up to 18.

The City wants holes 15-18 offline for summer.

Motion to put in all alternate pins at Dief minus 15-18, plus a practice basket. Also add main sign. Motion Scott, second Casey. None opposed.

Scott would like to show the City some options around the irrigation bowl

Perhaps we need to push back a bit more publicly, about the loss of 15-18, and also the original 5 holes.  We could reach out to Marin Loewan, City Counsellor.

A letter to the City Counsel? It would be good to appeal to City counsel about where we were 5 years ago and where we find ourselves.

Do we want to put another basket in at Donna hole 4? Motion to Tack baskets together and replace basket 4 at Donna, Casey, Second Marc. Passed

May as well move the last two new baskets from Donna to Dief also

Scott talked with the Friends of the Aforestation area group (they gave Scott and Wendy a tour) and also the Fat tire bike group.  They sound interested in the idea of DG in their area. They don’t want any endemic trees touched, but that should be workable. They would like us to present the idea to their board. Also an inaturalist survey could help get approval.

The City and also Mewasin would need to approve of this also

Speaking with J Houk, they will generate the hype to get themselves paid and get the course installed, we don’t have to come up with the cash.

The other side of the highway could also work?

League  Sanctioned league is finished. 4 more weeks of regular league. Year end tournament first weekend of october
Membership 2 new memberships this week. And one to refund.  Up to 218 members total
Sport Development Made money in Juniors this year, per Jason.

Director unable to attend

Tournament  ESO did very well financially, as per Jason.

Director unable to attend

Communication Just ongoing  house cleaning type stuff with the web site etc.
Finance Little has changed, coffers are doing well generally.  

Financials have been filed.

Some cheques need to go out.  We’ll need to order more cheques.

Some deposits to make.

All programs have made a profit and memberships are up.

AGM: november is a good time. Can start closing off finances, AGM can happen 30 days later.

We could Book a Sunday afternoon at 21st street. Sunday 21st November 1 pm.

We should get messaging out on this, Jason will work with Kevin on that.

Jason can bring telecasting gear.

We can announce october 5th.

Secretary Nothing to add.
Last call for business arising from the meeting
Motion to adjourn Wendy, 9:26 PM