Mini-League is a great opportunity for those unable to commit to weekly league schedules or those who simply can’t get enough disc golf.


  • No weekly schedule.  Play two rounds at Diefenbaker and two rounds at Reid during the month at any time.
  • Every participant advances to a final (fifth) round with a prize to compete for against their cardmates.
  • Current mandatories and OB for each course are in effect.


  • Each session of Mini-League is $20 for SDG members, $25 for non-members
    • Get your membership here.
  • There are three sessions throughout the year:
    • May; final round at Reid
    • July; final round at Diefenbaker
    • September; final round at Reid
  • Prizes are paid out to the winners of the final cards thanks to sponsorship from Escape Sports!

Further Details:

The following links will direct you to the full Rules, Standings, and Payout Structure.