SDG Executive Tues Feb 1 2022

Present: CM, Andy P, Jason C, Wendy , Scott, James L, Alex P, JAcob M, Tyrone O, Kevin B, Jason Grant

Regrets: Kris, Kodi P

Note Taker:CM


Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:01

Quorum? Yes we have quorum

Any Agenda items to add Agenda approved.
Accept the minute from last meeting Need to Approve Nov, Dec and Jan Minutes.  Motion to accept Scott, second Andy  
Course development


Members have been emailing their city councilors.  Met with the Brad the Director recreation and community development department regarding this.

His understanding was that we would never have less than 18.  Nothing will get pulled until alts are in so as to maintain 18 holes, we have this commitment in writing now. We will put out a post to the membership stating this.

Apparently there are no survey lines, just a rough map.

Have also emailed the development group to see if there has been any movement there. June 2022, things should start to move as the aforetatin titles should be settled.

Jacob will mention some of this to CTV.



Committee formed. Kris sent in a write up in his absence 

I formed a Leagues Subcommittee with Jakob Martins, Kyle Wiens and Jon O’Leary.

We decided to run multiple leagues….

– Monday’s – $5 Random Doubles

– Tuesdays – Sanctioned League

8 week league possible run 2X

– Thursdays – Gophertown League

April to July will be regular season

August will be playoffs

– Mini Leagues

– Kyle will run 3 mini leagues as hee has run in the past. April, June and Aug.

– 1 round a week for 4 weeks.

– 1 playoff round with cards made up according to standings.

– Sept – Glow League ran un

l mid Oct.

We could rent a facility for a winter putting league.  The sport facility is $140/hr..

Golf dome? Gordy Howe sports complex? Jacob will take it back to the sub committee 

Jacob to take putting league idea back to league subcommittee.
Sport Development


CN closed their application portal, they will open it in mid February. Maybe for teepad surrounds? Tree protectors? The later would likely be more appropriate for the funds available.

Hoping to order Junior players packs early. SDG should be able to use their paypal account for this, Jason.



Need access to discgolf scene to set up membership. Kevin B will add him now.

What about a lost disc return competition? Will discuss a name and art for this with Andy.


Jason C

We could set our year end to whatever we want.

PDGA uses the calendar year, so we could move to that same model. 

Paid Escape what we owed them.

We are in good financial standing.

Looking to be more proactive with expense reports and events etc.

Jason will start that process of changing our fiscal year  in motion.

 James and Jason will pay for our club PDGA affiliation.

Will Get Wendy signing authority



Kodi sent in an update in his absence:

Ice bowl this coming Saturday.

• Player info will go out on Wednesday.

• Largely organized by Disc Golf Saskatchewan

• Minor concerns are flagging the tees for the open holes, setting up lights and turning them

on for the 6pm night round

• Scoring will be kept on Udisc with separate events for each round type.

• Slight chance that I could have to leave town for a funeral, but Wendy, Scott

and Kris have

said that they would help if needed.

Membership Drive

• Planned for May 14.

• Come and Go Udisc scoring round with fun experimental layout at Diefenbaker

• Will work with Scott

on the layout

• Prizes and Small pro division like last year

• 5$ for am’s 10$ for pros

Escape Sports Open

• Organizing committee has met once already

• City has approved the dates June 25-26

• B-tier sanctioning completed

• Disc Golf Scene registration is started.

• Registration to start March 4th

• Andy has started with a general logo

• Let me know if you have any sponsor leads

Summer Solstice

• July 9th

• Lots of details to work out

• One day round – One night round

• Non sanctioned

• Lots of details to work out.

• Hoping to partner with vendors for supper/beverage providers

• Will line up more help this time so Jason doesn’t have to save my bacon.


• July 23-24

• Should be a really exciting event

• Par

al tournament in a box. NADGT national take care of much of the background work

• C-tieer sanctioning is completed

• Kris will help run this one

Women’s Global

– August 6th- Not my event but we may add a juniors segment to the event.

General Updates

• Reached out to city for event dates wai

ng to hear back but they have approved the

Escape open dates already

• Let me know if you’d like to TD an event or Assistant TD.

• Would love to have a Trilogy Challenge but no details available from Dynamic at this


Would need some significant help from others to put this one on.



Scott will get a pound bag for 25% off and auction it as a fundraiser

Looking at MVP, discraft and innova for tournament plastic



Someone asked about a mailing list. The google groups option doesn’t seem to have an unsubscribe option. Mailchimp is free. I will set it up.


Nothing to report


Sent some emails out to the group, please check your inbox

Provincial group is working towards official sask sport status.  They are working on a memorandum, and are looking to charge us $/head. We need to look at what we would be getting for those dollars, perhaps it is too much? What would we want? We will form a sub committee

Should we have a rep on the SaskDG board?

Motion to adjourn Scott 9:44