Present: SC, WC, CM, KB, JW, KP, ML, JL, Ty, Alex, JC joined late

Regrets: Andy P, 

Note Taker: Casey

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order SC call to order 9:09, Scott to chair meeting in JC’s absence
Accept last meeting minutes motion to accept, ML. 2nd KP
New business Possible new sponsor, ML
Presidents report Nothing new. Excited for the warm weather.
Course Dev Received application form to apply for city funding for signage. Andy is 50% done sign design.

New pin loc at Diefenbaker: layout pins and suggested pin loc on a map to send to the board, then the City.  We can expose membership to the layout at the membership drive and take feedback.

Haven’t heard back from Donna community assoc.

SC to move foreword layout of Diefenbaker and Application for signage funding.
Membership Dev. Registration page is live.
Leagues Found an intown place to do tags. Finalizing schedule, will post on the web site 

Plan to go ahead with pre-league. 

Kris, will post schedule on line. Tags to be ordered before start of league.
Sport development Opened up Junior program registration on Feb 22. 22/28 spots are full.  20 are juniors.

Sponsors: escape (TBD), Disc Store ($10 gift card sponsor originally, upped it to $15-20USD), Disc Golf Strong (activities and some giveaways), Prodigy (some discs, maybe custom print, and swag?), also some local businesses on 8th st (Should be a few).  

9 Coaches have signed up, Disc store 50% off coaches jerseys.

 Please help pump sponsors.

Tournament Some trouble with Disc golf scene, JL is helping to sort out the tech. Membership drive is ready to open tonight, this is 60 days notice. Multiple divisions depending on registration. Flex tee-time. Membership fee +$5 am, $10 pro.  Can have a mix of different divisions on one card via udisc scoring.

Will start on other tournaments. Need to hear back from Chris Hoyt, our provincial rep.

Escape Sports is the title sponsor (Escape Sports Open, for Saskatoon Open). Could be a B-tier easily? Will form a small committee.

WP: working on a 1-day Women’s tournament may 8.

KP: Build a sponsorship sheet
Communications KB: To put sponsors on website, will wait for list incoming on 2021. JL will help

Will build a schedule that can be posted on line, may put QR codes at courses?

Finance Cheques have been deposited.

Looking at signing authority. 

 Need a quote from Escape for Donna #3 basket.

SC will ask Escape for quote.

JC will work with Kodi on email etc to help with tournaments.

Marc, a sponsor Somewhere else Pub, interested in talk. Funds are a bit low due to covid, but would like a proposal. ML, will speak with Somewhere else
Motion to adjourn Motion JW, 2nd KP. 8:49