Present: Jason C, Kevin B, Kodi P, Alex P, Jay W, Scott C, Wendy C, James L, Kris R, Andy P, Marc L

Regrets: Casey M

Note Taker: Kevin B

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order at 8:04 Motion to accept agenda by Alex, Andy

Motion to accept past meeting minutes by Kevin, Scott

President’s Report Great job on Ice Bowl.

Need to get Kodi paid for the lights.

Joined Scott to meet with the city this Friday; lots of good news coming for Dief

Course development Contacted the city councillor and Briarwood community association about Donna; asked for help fundraising for teepads; asked for information from the community about missing basket, but we’ll replace it ($400)

Met with Mark from the city. The city has asked us to re-number holes such that hole #1 is close to the parking lot near the ball diamonds. The board agrees. We’ll plan to do this along with alternate tee placements in the spring.

The city is ok with us using any space on the public side of the permanent fence around Optimist hill. This includes the east side of the hill, and LOTS of space North of the hill.

The city is also planning to plant new trees to replace those lost in the Optimist hill work. They’re willing to work with us on where they will be placed.

The city is also ok with using space near the current hole #12. Along with space near the hill, this makes room for several additional holes across the park.

The board will plan alternate pin locations for this spring, along with re-numbering the holes, and work on teepads for the holes we have. Additional holes will come in future years (with new trees).

The city is willing to work with us on putting a sign up at Reid. No sponsorships allowed. 

Scott to send notes on potential new pin locations to the executive

Andy to work on the design map to go on a permanent sign at Reid

Membership development Registration page is now up on DGScene

Sponsors sound like they will be the same as last year

James to send Kevin B list of sponsors
Leagues Been looking into getting tags

No other news

PDGA league will be the same night as Gophertown, but we’ll try to start earlier to avoid issues with it getting too dark

Sport Development $40 fees will cover a junior membership (valued @ $10) and event fees ($30)

Looking for volunteer coaches. Ideally would like to have 1 coach per 4 kids

Tournaments Ice Bowl was a success. 62 registrants (!)

UDisc didn’t quite work out due to our choose-your-own-groups format. Participants were gracious

Proposed dates for other tournaments this year:

Spring Membership Drive – May 1

Trilogy Challenge – June 5 or 6

Summer Solstice – June 19

Sask open – July 24th/25th

Ace Race – Sept 18 — volunteer TD needed

NADGT series – *maybe* July 10. Would need a TD who has previously run a sanctioned event. Not sure anyone in Saskatoon qualifies

Communications No updates. Kevin B still to add sponsors to website. 
Finance Board positions updated with ISC

Going into start of season with $5000 available to us

Adjourn meeting Meeting adjourned at 9:21PM. Motion by Alex and Marc