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Call to order


Kevin, Scott, Wendy, Alex, Kodi. Not enough attendance for quorum. Regrets from Jay, Jason C, Casey, Kris, Marc, Tyrone, James. No official actions taken during this meeting. News updates only from each present board member..
Accept the last meetings minutes N/A – Unable without quorum
Skill Development   Last week of the juniors program is tomorrow (Aug 4), Kodi to lead, Prizes to be handed out

  Had lots of good feedback from kids, very long wait list.  Going to think about ways to increase participation in the future. Hard though.

  Global Gathering Place clinic also happened recently.

  We’ve confirmed that we’ll be part of the multi sport sampler in early-mid October: 90 minute lesson, 90 minutes of a round

  Considering polling schools for interest in short programs during the fall

Tournament Director Most people said ESO ran pretty seamlessly

  T Shirts were a challenge. Dealing with late dropouts

    one shirt leftover, it’s coming

  29 leftover towels

    could be sold at league, or used as prizes

  We still may have an event upcoming at the zoo, but at this point it seems unlikely

    September is already jam packed with events

  Escape is all in for doing ESO again

    Currently considering June 5th 2022

  TD report still needs to be sent in by Aug 8th

Course Development   Need to contact the friends of the aforestation area soon

    goal is to send a friendly hello, offer to help people enjoy that space in a respectful manner

    will send out to exec for proof reading

  Need two additional holes to be approved by the city before the city takes four hole away (15-18)

    two pin locations each

    want to use the central bowl area

    potential area across from Hole #10

      natural island hole

    Also want to keep holes away from the BBQ area if possible

    Scott will draw a map and send it to the exec

    Assuming we get permission for two new holes and get our hill target positions approved…

      We have conditional approval for two holes on the hill

      We’ll still need to redesign the flow of the course

      Scott to present some options to the exec

  Sign for William A Reid is completed

    4 by 5 feet


    frames are under construction by Jay Dub

      building two frames – one for Dief as well

      no sign for Diefenbaker yet

        will design one once new layouts are finished

    Still need to address the erosion around teepads at Reid

      have put out suggestions to city, waiting to hear back

Communications   Summer in the city Instagram / Facebook campaign

  Need a photo

    Our photo waiver was removed from our event sign in in favor of a COVID waiver

      need to reach out individually to folks in these photos for approval

Motion to ajourn Meeting adjourned at 8:41