SDG Executive Tues May 3 2022

Present: Jason C, Wendy, Scott, James, Kris, Kodi, Tyler, Jason G, Jay W and Alex

Regrets: Kevin, Casey, Jakob

Note Taker:Wendy

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:03 pm

Quorum? Yes!

Accept agenda: Scott and Alex

Any Agenda items to add
Accept the minute from last meeting Scott and Jason G
Business arising from last meetins minutes Scott to get quotes for sign holders from other locations
Course development


Course Development – Scott 

Phone call with the city – CN would like their name for Sponsorship recognition at the park and City would allow this for a period of no longer than 10 years. CN would like the city to write a letter that they are in favor of exapnding the tee pad areas and upgrading the areas around the baskets for wear and tear (in theory) . Optimist group is good with oursuggested holes on their property.



Indoor putting league – we should inquire about running this program on weeknights next year

Spring League – Kyles mini league is winding up now

Upcoming leagues – 72 individuals registered for SDG leagues

Sport Development


Junios to start next Wednesday – 36 kids registered 

Cohosting 4 part clinic with Avalon

More clinics to happen later in the year



Memberships Bag tags!


Membership Drive

• Planned for May 14. – 131 registrants

• Come and Go Udisc scoring round with fun experimental layout at Diefenbaker

• Will work with Scott on the layout

• Prizes and Small pro division like last year 

• 5$ for am’s 10$ for pros

Escape Sports Open

We have a sponsor hotel and 2 sponsor restaurants!

Lions club will serve lunch at the park on Saturday

Summer Solstice – 

• July 9th

Registration opens on May 9th

Beer gardens – High Key will be there 

Handyman rentals is a sponsor for this event

We need permission from the city  and need a liquor license, etc. 


• July 23-24 – 49 registrants

• Should be a really exciting event

• Partial tournament in a box. NADGT national take care of much of the background work

• C-tier sanctioning is completed

• Kris will help run this one

Women’s Global 

August 6th- Women and junior’s event – happening in Regina


Jason C

To start the process of changing our fiscal year to calendar year (or in line with DGS?) – new calendar year is in line with fiscal year

Signing authority set up for Wendy?


Kevin B





MOU from Disc Golf Saskatchewan – still no response from them after sending our feedback after last meeting
Meeting Adjourn Kris