SDG Executive Tues June 7 2022


Present: CM, Wendy C, Scott C, Jacob M, Jay W, Kodi P, Jason G, Tyrone

Regrets: Jason Cotu, Kevin B, Kris

Note Taker:CM

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:03

Quorum? Yes

Agenda accepted

Any Agenda items to add
Accept the minute from last meeting
Business arising from last meetins minutes Scott to get quotes for signage. 

– He has asked for a number of quotes. Also looking for raised basket quotes, the group agrees that 5’ to the bottom of the basket would be a good amount of lift

Course development – Scott C Diefenbaker

Met with the City, Shane Carter wanted to look at erosion around teepads. Hole 2, they may ask us to move the pad away from the exposed root. The City sent us a letter with glowing support for the teepad surrounds, with CN sponsorship in mind. 

City to pay for 5 teepads, we have this in writing, we will cover anything else.

Waiting for final approval in writing from the Optimists, we have verbal confirmation.

Pin locations will get swopped soon. Some work will have to be done to make udisc work.

What about hole 15 teepad.  Could the city help us with it? Scott will ask.

Sport Development
Membership – Jacob All is well, getting Kodi’s awesome tags out. Moved membership away from the membership drive in DGS.

Kara Lee (@karaleediscgolf ) wanst to run a women’s clinic through SDG, Escape is also involved with promotion.

Perhaps a park without a course but with bathrooms?

The juniors area in Diefenbaker could work. 

Is the executive ok with running it through SDG? Unanimous yes.

Wolf Willow course is very close but no baskets yet. Would like to set up an obstacle “test” for the public, John Houk will be around. Should we do this before or after ESO? Jacob will talk with John Hauk and keep us posted on dates.

Pike Lake. Jacob and Jon Storey designed a course there, it should be available for play soon.

Tournaments – Kodi Thanks to the Ashats for a great tournament!

ESO- layout is nearly finished, some new permutations this year. Looking for approval from the city to get the lions club in to serve burgers.

Solstice – Clint will be the TD.  Waiting to hear back from the City.

Hi-Key may set up for the event.

In good shape overall.

Scott took some photos of silent auction items, will post publically soon.

Women’s global event August 6th in Regina, 2 rounds in one day.

Secretary Kudos to the Asshats- very smooth tournament!!
President No word back from Disc golf Sask on our questions on their Mou. Will enquire.
Meeting adjourned  Motion from Kodi 8:34 pm