SDG Executive Tues April 5 2022


Present: Casey M, Scott, Wendy, Jason C, Kris, James L, Jason Grant, Alex P, Kevin B, Jay W, Kodi, Jacob M, Sean A


Note Taker:CM

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:03 pm

Quorum? Yes!

Accept agenda, Alex, second Kodi

Any Agenda items to add
Accept the minute from last meeting Kris, second Kevin.
Business arising from last meetins minutes ETA for sign holders. Jay’s company has left them outside, they may be beyond powder coating. Should get some more quotes. Jay will see if the signs could be usable.  Scott will look into other quotes.
Course development


CN meeting/grant

-They want something from the City saying that the project (tee pad surrounds) will be approved

-They want some sort of recognition on the signage. Have asked the City if this is ok.

-looking at ~$25000

Optimist group phone call (Rob)

-Good conversation!

They have told the City that they are happy to work with us, the City has not put this together, now we have a direct link.

-They have little trouble with our Summer hill hole layouts(they just don’t want anyone climbing the fence). City is now in the loop.

The City has changed some of their personnel around, Brad Babyak is still in charge.  He is looking into tee pad surrounds/approval

Pin placements/basket rotations

-What about the impacted “A” locations? We are looking at a solution, and will need to coordinate how to remediate both positions.

-Perhaps we should leave things in A position until the mud has cleared up at least.

There is a thread on FB about how Diefenbaker is heading to a pro course.  Perhaps the president can monitor and respond if necessary.  It may have resolved itself



Registrations are open, people are signing up slowly.

Monday night is a drop in doubles night, this will rotate courses.  Jacob is running this.

Indoor putting league

-6 weeks left

-We should make sure that all leagues have the same flow (ie SGD email and sign up with DGscene) also run the cash flow through regular channels.

Sport Development


Junior has 35 of 36 slots full. 2 new coaches this year. Lots of coaching help. Everything is ordered, half has arrived. The other half is on the way.

Ordered 80 custom discs. 40 for the program and 40 to sell.



130 members.  Most are playing in the tournament

Membership bag tags

-3D printed tags? looking at cost per tag. Want to have them ordered within 2 weeks so they are in by the tournament. 3D bag tag could be for the membership tournament only

Jacob to look into membership card/tag options and pricing.


Membership Drive

-may 14

-come and go udisc scoring with experimental layout, will coordinate with Scott (possibly a raised basket?)

-prizes and small pro division like last year

-$5 am $10 pro


-organizing committee has met

-City has approved dates, June 25-26

-B-tier sanctioning complete

-DGScene registration is started

-Andy has started on logo

-looking for sponsorship leads

Summer Solstice

-July 9th

-lots of detail TBD

-one day round, one night

-Non sanctioned

-Hoping to partner with vendors for food/drink


-Kody is the TD, but that is the extent of affiliation. Proceeds will go back to the club.

-July 23-24

-Partial tournament in a box, NADGT takes care of a lot of the background details

-C-tier sanctioning complete

-Kris will help with this one

Trilogy challenge

-Seans Ahreans will look into this, possibly take lead

Womens Global

-Aug 6th

-Not SDG but may add a junior segment


Jason C

We are in a good place.  Need to move some funds out of paypal. 

Paid out Alex with an etransfer because he is out of country atm.

To start process of changing fiscal year

Signing Authority set up for Wendy? Still need to set this up.


Kevin B

Keeping the website up to date




I attended the Saskatchewan DG meeting. I will bring the info here from them.


-We would have to up our membership by $5.  We would have to eat the $5 for this year, at least for new members. We do have the budget to eat the cost for this year and we could increase dues next year.

-Once you are in with Sask sport as an “emerging sport” then you have access to significant funds, in the meantime we will be basically donating $5 per member. 

-Can we have a way to communicate this expense to our membership?  Perhaps a set blurb.

-They are missing teaching models and any way of training officials. It will take some work to get there. Perhaps they could specify where the $5 goes?

-We need a timeline and some accountability for what the money will go to

They also want us to sponsor a hole at the Sask Open, this isn’t sitting well with the board. Unless they also sponsor a hole at our tournament.  Wendy will take notes back to them

Wendy to ask Sask DG for more info regarding MOU.
Meeting Adjourn Jason moved to adjourn.