SDG Executive Meeting Tues March 1 2022


Present: Wendy, Scott, Alex, Kevin, Jakob, Tyler

Regrets: Kodi, Casey, Jay W, Jason G, Kris, James

Note Taker: Kevin

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Meeting called to order at 8:02

Members present:  Jason C, Kevin B, Kodi, Kris, Jason G, Tyler, Jakob Martens

Any Agenda items to add
Accept the minute from last meeting   Scott, Wendy
Any business carrying over from last meeting   Is there ETA on the sign holders? Will contact Jay W
Course Development   Looks like new locations on the free toboggan hill will be acceptable (no actual permission yet)

  Other two locations between 9, 10; along length of fence line

    these look like they’re in the the optimist hill lease area

    Will try to push for approval for at least the one between 9,10 as a summer position

  James received an email from Charlie Clark. Offered to pick our brains about our thoughts.

      James will try to connect Charlie Clark to Scott

Leagues   Jakob’s indoor putting league is  going very well. Need to add info on website for other leagues.

    Projecting a budget surplus, where does this go? Some to more prizes, reset to SDG general fund (eventually baskets, teepads etc.)

Sport Director   Juniors will start in ~ 2 months

    next Friday Alex is going to Ecuador, won’t be back until around then (April 25 or 26 — but date not guaranteed)

    Someone reached out on Facebook about a community association

      will do a 4 part clinic series with them at the end of May

      four consecutive Saturday mornings

      will need one volunteer, possibly two

      doesn’t have to be the same person every day

Kodi will help with DGScene setup

Enlisting Andy to help with posters etc.

Needs? More stations for coach’s challenge. Cones, markers. Better signposts. 

PDGA Canada has specific money for juniors, will investigate.

  CN grant

    portal is still not open

    have started application process

    have contact with Saskatoon Community board secretary who’s been helpful

      hoping to have a draft by the end of the week

Membership   For this year the membership drive and membership are integrated

    all of our memberships will come through the drive event

    there is an option to purchase a non-playing membership (ie: just a membership, not for the tournament)

    registration launched today. 32 sign ups so far

      closes May 7

      after that in order to get a membership people will have to buy it through the event (even though the event is over)

  After membership drive is over we’ll create a new membership-only DGScene “event”

    we’ll import the membership drive participants into this event so there’s one list including everyone

      this makes things easier for the rest of the year

  PDGA Affiliation – code to the membership

    has be sent out individually

    can also attach it to the membership drive event

      Will add right away

Finance   Today is March 1 – end of Fiscal year

    want to do a better job of getting $ to board members this year quickly

      have cheques now

      have a paypal account

        prefer to use this over having to reimburse people

    Wendy still doesn’t have signing authority — need to meet with Wendy at a bank

      Wendy and JC to co-ordinate offline

  To start the process of changing our fiscal year to calendar year (or in line with DGS?)

    This year will be a short fiscal year. We’ll change to our calendar year

Communications Leagues section of website has been updated with putter league. Will update Tournaments immediately after meeting.
Tournaments   City has agreed in principal to Escape Open dates

    not worried about Membership drive event — we’re not shutting down the park

  Ice Bowl

    went well, despite Kodi being unable to attend

    Thanks to Scott/Wendy for doing day-of items

  Membership Drive

    • Planned for May 14.

    • Come and Go Udisc scoring round with fun experimental layout at Diefenbaker

    • Will work with Scott on the layout

    • Prizes and Small pro division like last year 

    • 5$ for am’s 10$ for pros

  Escape Sports Open

    • Registration to start March 4th (for hole sponsors)

    • Adding 24 spots compared to last year

    • Organizing committee has met once already

    • City has approved the dates June 25-26

    • B-tier sanctioning completed

    • Disc Golf Scene registration is started.

    • Andy has started with a general logo

    • Let me know if you have any sponsor leads

    • Discs have been ordered

    * Have asked Okenagen organizers for advice on how to find sponsors

  Summer Solstice

    • July 9th

    • Lots of details to work out

    • One day round – One night round

    • Non sanctioned

    • Hoping to partner with vendors for supper/beverage providers

    • Will line up more help this time so Jason doesn’t have to save my bacon.


    • Registration should go up in the next couple of days

    • July 23-24

    • Should be a really exciting event

    • Partial tournament in a box. NADGT national take care of much of the background work

    • C-tier sanctioning is completed

    • Kris will help run this one

  Women’s Global 

    – August 6th- We may add a juniors segment to the event.

Secretary No Updates
President   Subcommitee meeting about interacting with SK Disc golf

  memorandum of understanding

  SK wants all membership data for Saskatoon to go to sask sport along with $5/member

  their outline so far looks good

  Wendy plans on attending their next board meeting

    good in general for Saskatoon Disc Golf to have a representative at the SK Disc golf board meetings

  They’re looking for us to start paying them $5/member starting in April

    we need more detail from them before we agree to that