SDG Executive Tues July 2022


Members present: Scott, Wendy, Kris, Kodi, Alex, Jason G and Tyrone 

Regrets: Kevin, Jason C 

Members not present: Casey, Jakob, Tyler, Jay W, and James 2x

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Acceptance of the Agenda — Scott and Alex

Acceptance of Last meeting’s minutes — May 3, 2022 and June 7, 2022 – Scott and Alex

Any Agenda items to add
Accept the minute from last meeting
Business arising from last meetins minutes   Scott ordered sign holders 

  Atlas Machining was hired to do this, fabrication is done and they are working on bracing and then powder caoting.

  We should see these in 2-3 weeks.

  2 sign holders being made 

Course development – Scott C We have been awarded the $25,000 CN Grant for tee pad surround treatment and beautification.

Based on the cost of concrete / recycled rubber, this will afford us to be able to upgrade 4 or 5 holes.

So we will have to decide which ones at Diefenbaker park will make the list.

– Scott made a motion to get a set of 54 locks all keyed to one set for all of our local courses (a spend of less than $1000), 2″ by Kris. The motion passed. 

Leagues 3 more weeks of Gophertown league followed by playoffs.

We are waiting on shirts and bag tags.

Sanctioned league just finished and a new one to start up shortly.

Glow league to start up at the end of August.

Matchplay currently only have 5 out of 8 spots filled so need to get the work out to fill these and if not, will run short. 

Sport Development Last day of juniors league is tomorrow night.

Alex made a motion to pay $250 to cover the remaining prizes for the juniors league tomorrow.  2″ by JG.  The motion passed.

He will use the leftover Juniors discs as prizes and top up the remaining required at Escape Sports. 

Membership – Jacob Women’s Clinic follow up

Wolf Willow walk through — new date? 

Tournaments – Kodi Escape Sports Open — Recap —Tournament went well despite the challenges with weather Kodi to do a financial recap later but we ran a successful event 

Summer Solstice — Recap — Amazing weather for this tourney. Very small group but it went very well. Thanks to Clint for his help. 

NADGT — Tourney is sold out and 1 on the waitlist. Player packs have arrived. All winners will get an invote to nationals in Texas as Saskatoon is the only location in the province to host this year • July 23-24 • Should be a really exciting event • Partial tournament in a box. NADGT national take care of much of the background work • C-tier sanctioning is completed • Kris will help run this one 

Women’s Global – August 6th- Registration is no open for this event. Women and Juniors welcome. – Tournament to take place in Regina — 2 rounds in I day 

President MOU from Disc Golf Saskatchewan — still no response from them after sending our feedback after last meeting

I will follow up with Arlen as they should have had a meeting in May now 

Meeting adjourned