Present: Jason C, Casey M, Kris , Kevin B, Marc L, Kodi P, Alex P, James L, Jay W


Note Taker:

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Open meeting 802 Pm we have quorum, only Directors Reports on agenda Add Sponsorship to agenda Motion to approve, Scott, second Marc, passed.
Marc, do we have a deadline for sponsorship re membership? James can speak to this.

Are there any we want to add?

Could bring sponsors into league, tournaments etc. Not just membership.

Membership drive tentatively May 1st

Late sponsors could be on our website, all really should.

James want memberships before icebowl, does that affect end of year?

We could change our end of year to smooth things out.

Kevin to update sponsors on website, also promote last years sponsors

Jason to look into changing end of year filing date.

Tournaments IceBowl, strong registration already. Mix of day and night, lights will be well used. Order should go in soon for icebowl merch

May 1 for spring membership drive tournament, socially distance, casual.  Should be good for covid.

To get on Saskatoon Open organization asap.

Can we change the name of the Saskatoon open? Sponsors may want to have a say

Kodi, starting work on Saskatoon Open
Leagues Nothing to report
Sport Development Little to report

We should start a week or two after the membership drive, we could promo through the membership tournament.

Course development Talking with City re signage and regulations.

Course layout will be mostly what was tested, will confirm with the city.

Need to confirm temp baskets.

We lost basket #3 at Donna, striped to the pole. Can we reinforce baskets?

Do we want to upgrade chains? Would this affect PDGA sanctioning of tournaments? Premade packages would cost 3K/park

What about funding for signage? Would the City pitch in? Saskatoon tourism?

Federated Coop could be an option.

Send grants to Scott, he will look into them.

Scott will back and forth on signage with the City

Scott will contact community organization re helping replace the basket.

Scott will look at chains and PDGA approval

Communications Not much to update.

Need to social media blast the icebowl.

Kevin will push icebowl on somed, focus on food bank angle.
Membership development Membership cards, would like to get them rolling soon. get cards and posters

Andy made some excellent posters for icebowl

Finance Has been very quiet

We were paid by the City

Light editing to do on bylaws before they are submitted.

Do we have cash to buy a basket? Yes.  

We could move new baskets at Donna to Diefenbaker.

2 cheques need to be deposited by Jason and also update signing authority
Secretary Nothing to report
President Nothing new to report.

Waiting to pounce on the new pins at Diefenbaker.

Other business Basket lights: won’t make an icebowl specific basket light. As far as club lights Working on a prototype that is lockable. Looking at a combination lock system. Would like to number each light and possibly add art. Looking for bulk pricing on locks.

2021 birdie cards will be for sale, with some proceeds going to SDG.

Bag tags should likely get ordered soon.

Minutes should get posted.

Kevin will post meeting notes on website.
Last meeting minutes Motion to approve last meeting minutes. With a note that James was not in attendance. Motion, Scott, Second Kevin, passed
adjourn meeting motion to adjourn at 9:03 Motion to Adjourn Marc, second Scott, meeting adjourned.