Saskatoon SDG Executive – December 12 2020 – Via Zoom

Present: Casey M, Jason C, Alex P, Allan H, Kris R, Scott C, Andy P, Kodi P, Kevin B, Jay W

Regrets: James L, Marc

Agenda Item Lead person Notes Actions/Decisions/Follow-up
Open meeting Jay W
  • I would like to hear Plans and expectations for the year.
  • Call to order, appoint Jason C as chair.
Called to order at 8:07 pm, have quorum
Appoint Allan (Al) H to MAL Jason C
  • Motion to add Al H by Scott, Second by Kevin B. None opposed. Motion passed
Tournament Director Kodi
  • All things covid rule dependent Goal is 6 total tournaments.
  • Ice Bowl, with James L from Sask DG.
  • Spring membership drive, in May: Simple mail in scores, work in layouts with Scott C.
  • Trilogy in June, could work in Juniors
  • Summer solstice late June, 1 day and 1 night round.
  • July 23/24, Saskatoon Open, this is the big focus.
  • Ace race, possibly after labour day

League Director
  • All plans Covid rule dependent.
  • Plan for tag league from May-Sept, PDGA to start in the middle of this. Try to have them the same night. Would like to form a sub-committee.

Sport Development

Alex P
  • Juniors are main focus, may- June. Try to wrap before school is out. 10-12 weeks. Will be ready to move dates if needed. Cap about 25, possibly 30. Possibly visit some schools to expand reach beyond that.
  • There are discs and baskets owned by SDG to support

Course Development
Scott C
  • Membership drive to test drive alt layout for Dief.
  • Get out early and get to it so we can approach the city and work with them on alterations etc.
  • Focus is to finalize Dief. May leave teepads out for now, unless we find a funding source.
  • Need signage for both courses.
  • Some concern about grass around tpads. Will be an ongoing discussion with the CIty.
  • Donna course needs to be maintained, some conflict on the city side. The city counselor, community assoc. and City will need to get together on that.
  • Once we have signage etc in place the City will hear arguments for a 4th course.

  • First year. Andy P will help with artwork and posters.
  • Will help facilitate the workings of the board.
  • Casey M: would be good to communicate with the public when we have events.
  • Possibly QR codes as a field communication tool? Can also point people to Udisc for schedule.

  • Please watch for notes on FB and our website, check for action items in right column.

Jason C
  • Goal is to make all financials more turnkey so the role could be more easily handed over to someone else.
MAL Andy P
  • Will provide graphic and communication support for the board
MAL Wendy C
  • Will fill in and help wherever I can
Allan H
  • I have done a lot of fundraising and band booking/promo. Happy to help where I can
President Jay W
  • All bases covered by directors.
  • Looking forward to the year.
Meeting Schedule Jason C
  • Second Tuesday of each month seems to work for all, so we will keep this the same. Next meeting Jan 12.

Business arriving from the floor
  • Ice bowl prize packs will need to be sorted

Kodi to put prize pack info out by the end of the week

New signing authority.

Jason C
  • Cheque signing authority needs to change to Treasurer (Jason Cotuu), President (Jay Wight) and course development Director (Scott Chapman). Motion made Scott Chapman, second by Wendy Chapman.