Present: CM, Wendy, Scott, Jason G, Jay W, Tyrone, Kevin B

Regrets: Alex, Kodi

Note Taker:CM

Agenda Item Notes Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:02


Any Agenda items to add/Accept the agenda. Motion to accept: Scott.  Second: Ty.
Accept the minute from last meeting Sept 6. Motion:Jason.  Second: Scott
Business arising from last meetins minutes Scott to order locks
Course development (Scott) Sleeves at Dief – possibly this saturday. We have 11 of 12 that we need. Could leave hole 18 alt off for now

Sign at Reid – Have everything, need to mark the ground with Shane Carter

CN grant – We did receive a call from them, we have been awarded the money.  Need to look into details. 

Need to test options for amending ground. Apollo will do a test at cost.

Teepads are in at Dief.

Scott to make a list of ground amendment options.
Leagues (regrets) 2 more weeks of glow left.
Sport Development(regrets)
Membership (Jacob) (regrets) Putting league. There are some saturdays before christmas that are booked, so will try to do drop ins in November and December.
Tournaments(Kodi, regrets) Would like to see us rent a storage locker. 

5×5 is the smallest and is $100/month.  5×10 is closer to $150.

Perhaps a seacan would work if the city would let us store it

Scott will speak with the City about storing a seacan on city property
Finance (Jason) Will have a preliminary finance report done soon, would like an ad hoc committee to go over this document.

Directors reports. Ideally they will be done by November meeting so we can send out a package to the membership

Board voted for Sunday November 27th 1:00pm.  Need to give notice 30-45 days(October 15-28) to the membership.

Important to only have one notice of AGM, all other notices point to the original.

Communications(Kevin) Updating website, ongoing.
President (Wendy) Mou- still no response from DGS, they still have not met since May.

Succession planning

leaving next years board:




May have some leads on tournament director.

May be good to build a strong committee for this work, like with ESO.

Adjournment Motion: Jason C 8:45