SDG Executive Tues Sept 6 2022


Present: CM, Jason C, Jay W, Scott and Wendy, Jason G, James L, Kodi P, Kevin B.


Note Taker:CM

Agenda Item Motion to accept agenda: Scott and second Jason Action/Decision


Call to order Time: 8:08 pm

Quorum? Yes.

Any Agenda items to add Noe, just directors reports
Accept the minute from last meeting August meeting had no quorum. 

Motion to approve minutes from July, Kodi, Second Scott.

Business arising from last meetins minutes Sign holders, Course development will address.
Course development 2 Sign holders are completed and ready for pick up. Scott will pick up and hold until installation.  They will go in with Dief sleeves etc. 4” with rebar reinforcement. 9 teepads to put in, sleeves to go in as well. Will need help at that time.

Also have the sign for Reid, still deciding location.

Need to buy a set of Locks

$25K should be coming from CN to deal with teepad and other high wear areas. May try a test of turf options on hole 1. Still negotiating options with the city.

Scott to organize teepads and sleeve installation.

Need to buy a full set of locks for sleeves.

Sport Development
Tournaments All financials submitted for ESO

NADGT, not  money maker for us. But it went well. 

Finance We are in a good space financially.  Insurance is paid. We may want  a corporate CC to make some of these transactions easier. Roughly $23,000 in bank accounts, we do owe a little out yet.

CN money has not come in yet.


Fiscal year is now ending January 1st, we will have to get approval from the membership after the fact at the AGM.

Historically mid-late November. November 19 and 27 have been suggested. Jason will poll the Executive. Need to give the membership 45 days minimum. 

By laws were done last year, we may have minor changes.

We need to look at who wants to stay on the executive and who may want to change roles -Wendy will reach out to people.

Communications I am several months behind in updating the website. I will look into this. 

I will also poll the executive on AGM dates.

Poll the executive for AGM dates.

Update website

President MOU from DGS, we still haven’t heard back from them. Perhaps after GEO. Will poll the executive to see who wants to stay in their roles.
Meeting Adjourn Motion to adjourn Jason C. 8:49