SDG Board of Directors

August 4th 2020

Zoom meeting


Present:Scott C, Wendy C, Jason Cotu, James Lawson, Kevin B, Jay W, Andy P, Tyrone, Casey Murray

Regrets:Kai H


Agenda Item Lead person Notes Actions
Call to to order 8:02 JC
Any new Business to add to agenda JC Motion to accept agenda, motion passed
Minutes from last meeting JC Motion to pass last month, yes  WC, 2nd JW. Passed
Discussion re signs for Reid, where discs could enter someone’s yard. KB brought up Where to post the sign? Could post on posts? Do we talk to the City? Yes, will talk with City.

Could also look at adding some trees, will talk more in course development.

James will talk with Mark Cambell from City of Saskatoon..
Global gathering place event JC Immigrant families to learn ultimate and DG. Last year they really liked the DG.

Current schedule is second weekend in September, at Reid. Needs one or two people to help.

Directors Reports
President JW Extremely happy with the tee pads at Reid.

Junior Program is exploding, couldn’t go better, props to Kodi.

Pleased with everything and how everyone is doing their jobs.

Sleeves were ordered.

Shale or rock around teepads, James will talk with the City (suggest a walk around)
Course development JL Waiting for sleeves for  practice baskets.

A walk through with the city would be good.

Need to add material around new Teepads, shale or mulch. Mulch would be free from the City?

Need to pay Cody for his sign numbers, $4/hole. 

Concrete cost $497/hole

Big Cudos to Scott and others who helped with the teepads.

Use teepads to promote memberships. How do we get peoples attention? Laminated signs? Sit at hole 1 and sell memberships? Promote on social?

We have a poster up at Escape, also one for Dougs?

City of Saskatoon will not let us move on new sites until we have Reid and Diefenbaker sorted out.

We could approach the optimists and get a joint usage agreement

James will talk with the city about walk through.

Andy will talk with Jonny from Escape about more promo

Membership development James is trying to do some, he is behind. He needs someone to help. Kevin will do digital part. SC will do the physical part.
Tournament Diector Last year we sponsored a hole at Sask Open. Do we want to again? It often will be used to give a prize for a hole, puts our name on it. 

We cant have more than 30 on the course at a time.

James will message Kai re: starting to work on Ace race and or Trilogy Challenge
Communications We can all post on behalf of SDG on FB

Signage has gone up, more to come

Finance JC Financial report.

Course development fund is at 0, all is spent.

Still have $5k in accounts.

We are solvent.

Waiting for a cheque from the City of Saskatoon.

likely 70-80 total memberships currently.

Submit receipt to City for course development, will happen once we have all receipts.
Secretary New Minute format. All board members please review minutes and look at your action items.
End of Agenda SC motion to Adjourn a 9:20