Attendance: Kris R., Kodi P., Scott C., Wendy C., Kevin B., Tyrone O., James L., Jason C., Jay W., Dave P., Andy P.
Regrets: Kai H., Casey M.

Jason C. calls to order at 8:04pm


A – Board direction

Jay W. – President: Asks for everyone’s top tier vision.

Kodi P. – Juniors: grow juniors; junior only tournament.

Kris R. – League coordinator: run league similar to last year. (James mentioned possibly expanding into PDGA/Women’s league). Formation of subcommittee to bounce ideas. Sponsorship for tags?

Andy P. – Communications Director: improve open communication with timelier message relaying. Website should be the heart.

Jason C. – Finance: Improve the use of technology to make life easier for the board behind the scenes.

Dave P. – Membership: Escape Sports asking for increase in membership fee to add value to the SDG brand. Casey said Taproom is onboard for a running membership discount. Waiting to hear back from Doug’s S & S, Brewhouse. Need to work out the price.

James L. Course Development: Speak with the City to see their wants. Alternate pins at Dief & Reid, tee pads in at Reid, practice green at each course.

B – Signing Authority

Jason C. wants to add a member to signing authority. Francois Bibier no longer around.

J.C. makes a motion to have J.L, J.W. & J.C. as signing authority. Dave P. seconds the motion. Discussion, none. All in favor, all in attendance. No opposed. Motion passed.

C – Membership

A.P. will tackle the design of the card. Offer memberships now, list confirmed sponsorships. DiscGolfScene (DGS) is where the transactions will occur.

All players in leagues must be a member of SDG. Discounted league fee if already a member.

K.R. put the motion ahead that all league members must be a part of the membership, J.L. seconds. All in favor, no opposed.

J.L makes a motion to raise to membership to $30/year, K.P. seconds. All in favor, all in attendance, no opposed. Motion passed.

D – Course Development

J.L. Meeting with CoS on Friday. Alternate pin location on Reid, possibly move hole locations. Confirm order of completion (pads before pins, etc.). Willows is out due to development. Pike Lake would be worth looking into. K.R. suggests mandatories at Dief on 9 (first light post) & Reid on 3 (second straight pine). K.P. showed 3D printed next tee pad arrow indicators.

E – Juniors

K.P. – Sask Disc Golf, $10/person signed up. Innova onboard to supply stuff, Escape onboard for final prizes. Good volunteer crew in place. Registration up in March (league April 29th to June 4th). Topic per night plus 9 holes and a challenge at the end. May start at the bathrooms. Tournament on June 27th for a windup. Hopefully an open format to draw in outside juniors. Costs – $40. Another option would be $60, includes open tournament. Non-members would just pay a tournament fee of $30. K.P motioned that we take non-saleable old discs and make them an asset for juniors to use. J.W. seconds. All in favor, no opposed. Grants and bursaries, looking for help.

F – Leagues

K.R. – getting bag tags ordered. Pre-season in April, league starting April 30 – Sept 24, tournament on the 27th. Leaning towards DD as a supplier. League fees $45/$10 off for membership. $5 increase from $35 to a total of $40 to offset increasing costs. Everything will be through DGS, no cash in hand. Group tags, meet at end of the night, structured briefing & tee time. 6:15pm start time, September will be 7pm (glow rounds). Trying to get the leagues more competition focused. J.W. – Women’s division? Start advertising to look for interest. W.C. will look into gathering data for it.

Other business

K.B. & J.C. – Bleep bloop, numbers & digits.

ISC/tech soup/google gods for G-Suite. J.C. will send out emails to board members

K.B. mentioned GST costs on memberships. J.C. will look into it to see if we owe anything.

Motion to adjourn W.C.

Meeting done at 9:26 pm