Covid meeting #3

Attendance: Casey Murray, Tyrone, Kris Roach, Jason Coutu, Wendy Chapman, Kevin Baribeau, Andy Palmer, James Lawson. Jay White joined a few minutes late

JC: last meeting minutes accepted? Moved by WC. Seconded by… none opposed


KB: talk about phase 3
Directors reports
KB: Why did the website go down? Can I help. Add to agenda

Phase 3 discussion

KP: group sizes outdoor up to 30 with phase 3, this would allow for junior program to run.
Would have to modify how things were done to allow for physical distancing. Looking for others opinions:
JL: Sask discgolf approached City of Regina and Sask sport has said no programming.
KB:athletic activities begin in phase 4. Ball golf prohibit tournaments and group lessons until phase 4. There is a phone number to call if questions.
JC: Sask sport firm on nothing until phase 4
KB: phase 4 TBD.
Tyrone: 31 cases as of today and no new ones. Could be soon.
KB: business response team can be called for specific questions.
JC: many sports are having althletes getting involved releasing short videos to create some engagement for junior athletes.
KP: Need some notice to organize.
CM: maybe we need to have a code of ethics up to help new players.
KB: could be just a laminated sheet


JC:  Any registrations to refund?
KP: I will check
JC: options for refund? Full refund? Does that refund the membership?
JW: Need to give options.
KP: just the two registrations, what if we offer a full refund minus service fee?
JC: raw costs?
KP: youth $40, adult beginners: $50
JW: membership is $30
JL: We could eat the fee?
KP: could leave the money there until fall, in case we can do something then?
JC: offer the adult full refund if they want? KP: yes.

Website/web presence

KB: doesn’t look good to have the WS go down, so I’m offereing to help.
JC: previous host went down. Tried to restore to wordpress site, something went wrong and I haven’t had time. I could hand it off to KB.
KB: I have two weeks off.
JC: ok, we can email to set this up.
JC: email. Want gsuite for non profits. Sent stuff to Jay to get signed.
JW: will print and sign and get it back
KB: important to set up in a way that things flow.
JC: can do that with google groups, easy to manage when executive changes.
JC: Directors: Start with the President


JW: I counted the sleeves. There are 22, but theres both kind. Some for MVP and some for Innova, so well need to see which is which. Even amount of each, roughly. But we will need more.
JL: Need 15 for Reid, including practice baskets and hole 3 move
JW: likely only 9 for Reid.
Had 9 extra for Dief, then put in 5 temp holes
JW: where do we get these fabbed? Defer to course development

Course Development

JL: walkthrough Friday with city. They are good with locations for all except tee pad 5, must be on basket side of path. Should have official nod soon, then we just need paperwork for park access and dial before you dig. Also they could add more trees for us possibly.
JL: I would like to do it on a Friday if possible. Takes 5-6 people, 2-3 hours. I will give notice once all the ducks are in a row.
JC: grant proposal results?
JL: we were awarded $4200 from the city, not sure when we get it
SC: offering to help with park access and dial before dig
WC: maybe get some volunteers out to watch some concrete dry?
JC: contractor picked?
JL: Scott has a friend
WC: just need to get all our stuff sorted.
JL: they will do teepads start to finish. No volunteer labour needed
JL: we will look at Dief once teepads are in at Reid
CM: what about future development of new courses?
JL: some conversations have happened with the city, they want to see current courses shored up before we talk too much about new courses and neighborhoods.
JL: Donna likely can stay.
WC: we can adversite that there are 6 courses within 30 min of Saskatoon.
JC: Once new site is up we can get some good info up on that.
JL: could talk with North Battleford about how to acess parks.
JL: need 6 sleeves made up
JW: do we make all the sleeves we need at once?
JL: can JW make them? Get us an estimate?
JW: 15 total? I’ll price them out. I can do them for cost of material.
JL: well have to talk to optimists about getting back on the hill.


AP: I have been making posters, getting membership posts out
JL: need Dave to get on membership cards!!
CM: Jay, did you talk to Dave?
JW: I did, but I will Follow up


KR: Udisc is into beta testing on league, I have applied, they wanted a start date. I gave a tentative June 11th.
KR: some prizes cant happen, but we would have options.
JL: could make it a free league with memberships?
KR: Or small fee with prize draw at the end.
KR: I will draw up a new schedule with new possible start dates and fees.
JL: I will help with the fee side, and put a refund for current sign ups.
KP: I will give my excess to course development.
JC: Next, me for treasurer: Not much to report. Wendy and I have been working on inventories. Mention 2 cloth baskets to Dave P.
WC: have reached out to members and have a list of who has what. Still compiling.
JC: any questions?

Questions or new business?

WC: what about Kai? He cant make these meetings. He works 330-midnight everyday except Friday and Saturday. Until September.
JC: move next meeting to a Friday or another day?
JC: Andy can you make a poll?
AP: yes.
JL: topic, match play. Not sure what to do? Make is non SDG and do it on the DL? Provincial bracket towards the end of August. DD wont offer a refund unless you can prove your region wont let you go ahead.
CM: what about the rest of the province?
JL: Not sure. Pres and VP are Regina and NB and those guys cant play.
JL: I will buy extra pack to fill second bracket and then we can start play under the radar. JW Will take the last spot.
JL: may need to buy a few people out who want to play.
JC: new topics?
JW: where are the keys to the baskets? Eric did not have them.
JL: I may have some hiding.
JC: we should get better locks that can be rekeyed with a recorded pinning and then they can be recut if keys are lost.
JC: last call for topics? Call to ajourn
CM: move to ajourn.

JC: we are adjourned at 9:24