SDG April 7th “Emergency” meeting Re: covid

Meeting conducted Via zoom

Attendance: Jason Coutu, Casey Murray, Scott Chapman, Wendy Chapman, Kevin Baribeau, Kodi Poettcker, Andy Palmer, Jay White, Kris Roach, James Lawson

Course Development

JL: meeting with City, business as usual, not much direction from them. Alt locations at Reid needed re tree damage. Gave the nod to receive alt pin locations at Deif and evaluate, could be done despite covid situation. Not upset that we did little last year. They are ok with a putting green at Deif and at Reid, submit that with proposal.
How do we decide on new pin locations. In the past we tested layouts at league and got feedback, Covid makes this a challenge. What if we had a day where we spaced out groups (a weekend day). Only household groups. Would baskets walk? Lets form a committee to work on this. JW and JL have previous alt pin locations, they will find and share.
-Committee: JL, JW, SC, KP, JW, AP
-Submit proposal for each course, to start with Reid.
-Logistics, if we give them a layout, they can approve and then we would install
-Grant due at end of month, JL on it and SC will help


JL speaking for Kai. Contemplating that there will be no Sask Open. Idea: disc Olympics, to attract new people to the sport.
Match Play: waiting to fill second bracket. Then we could start to play.
Do we want to try to get creative with Saskopen? Put off decision until Next Month
Juniors KP: Supposed to start April 29. Will not be realistic. Delay until at least mid-May. Transition to a clinic weekend/Tournament. Waiting to order anything. Re-evaluate at the end of April.
SC: wouldn’t cancel, just delay, wait and watch.
JC: school/summer transition is different this year, summer could work.
KP: will check into support from PDGA and their recommendation.
JC:PDGA numbers doubled this year
AP:update website?
JL: we should communicate with the public and speak to the delay.
KP: putting a players pack together to encourage registration.


KR: same as juniors, waiting. Looking into tags etc so we can pounce if things change. Ball leagues are cancelled until end of June per the city. Should post out to public to announce.


AP: discounts at Escape, 21st street, PDGA memberships and a few others. Ready to print.
JL: has the laminator and materials to make them. Will get it to DP.

Website and emails

WC: should have a message and updated info on the site. An active email linked to site.
JC: needs to meet with AP to work on unified emails.
AP: has been updating website, needs direction on messaging.
SC: due to COvid 19 we have suspended all activities until gov tells us otherwise.
JL: when does hosting expire?
JC: soon. We should take a backup of the site. Also we would lose the emails that are set up with them.
JL: no one uses those email.
JC: we can change to something else. Plan to move website by the end of the month, to wordpress
KB: can help with transition off of Bluehost
JC: Has it handled and will start the transition imminently
JL: will look into emails linked to site currently.

End of formal agenda

JC: any other business?
JL: do we have a stance on the covid situation? Or try to fly under the radar. PDGA says don’t play, Calgary similar.
CM: yes, warn people to use it AS a physical distancing activity.
SC: could post it up at the course as well.
Meeting adjourned in under an hour.


Who work on wording, add to website, make and print posters? AP
Anything else?