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2023 AGM Zoom Link

The link to our AGM zoom is here!

Proposed Bylaw changes for AGM

The board of Saskatoon Disc Golf is proposing the following attached changes to our bylaws. These changes will be voted on at the upcoming AGM.

Saskatoon Disc Golf Proposed By-Laws – 2023

2023 AGM Announcement

Hey all,

It’s time again for our annual AGM. See below for the details.

Date: Nov 26th, 2023 @ 2:00pm

Location: The Meeting will be held at Venice House Traditional Grill located at 906 Central Ave in Sutherland.  We will also have a zoom room available for members wanting to attend remotely.
Meeting Package: The meeting package will be available on the website 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Submissions for bylaw changes: The board is currently working on some proposed bylaw changes this cycle. Any member in good standing can also submit a proposed bylaw change by 11:59pm Nov 12th, 2023, to have it added to the agenda.

Submissions for Agenda Items: Any member in good standing can submit an item for the meeting agenda by 11:59am Nov 19th, 2023, to have it added to the agenda.

Attendance and Voting requirements: Anyone in the Saskatoon Disc Golf community is welcome to attend the meeting. Voting is restricted to Members with a current paid membership as of 11:59pm Nov 12th, 2023, and are 18 years old or older at the time of the meeting.


Board Elections occur at the AGM.


Anticipated Departures: Sport Development Director, Member-At-Large (2)

Current Vacancies: Membership Director, Communications Director


SDG Board Positions and their Roles:

President – Chair the monthly board meetings, keep the board organized and on task. Main point of contact for affiliate organizations and the Provincial Disc Golf Association. 

Finance Director – Financial management and oversight of the Corporation’s spending, budgets, and financial reporting.

Tournament Director – Responsible for scheduling, planning and coordination of tournaments. Not required to be the TD but must delegate people to each role to help the events run successfully. A tournament committee is strongly recommended to help with this position. 

Leagues Director – Responsible for overall coordination and scheduling of volunteers to run the league events. A league committee is strongly recommended to help with this position.

Sport Development Director – Main organizer of volunteers and events that encourage and grow participation in Disc Golf. Duties in this portfolio include – Organizing the Junior league (with a committee of coaches / volunteers is recommended) and Organizing Learn-To Clinics in schools and communities around the city. 

Course Development Director – Responsible for planning, maintenance and installation of new courses and course upgrades, grant applications, liaise with the City of Saskatoon, and maintain our relationship for our current city contracts and always be searching for new areas of growth. 

Membership Development Director – Collect membership information, distribution of membership cards and coordinating membership recruiting events. For example – Membership Drive Tournament

Communications Director – Responsible for managing the SDG Website, all of our social media and corporate email accounts and making sure our members are up to date on current SGD news. 

Secretary – Taking minutes at monthly board meetings.

Member at Large (5 positions) – Voting board members without a specific portfolio – we encourage our MALs to become part of one or more committees within the board structure. 


2022 AGM Zoom Link

For those of you that want to attend the meeting remotely, here is the Zoom information.

Topic: Saskatoon Disc Golf 2022 AGM
Time: Nov 27, 2022 01:00 PM Saskatchewan

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