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Saskatoon Disc Golf Inc. featured on Shaw TV

Armed with a microphone and TV camera, Shaw TV reporter Simon Hiatt joined Saskatoon Disc Golf Inc. out for a special round of disc golf at William A. Reid Park in Saskatoon’s Fairhaven neighbourhood.

On June 29, Gophertown Disc Golf held its weekly league night not at Diefenbaker Park, but at a proposed site for a new disc golf course in Saskatoon.

SDG Inc., is currently working with the City of Saskatoon to install a new disc golf course at Reid Park, but with the help of volutneers SDG was able to set up a temporary course, showing players what the new course could look like.

Thanks to Simon for piecing together a great feature on Saskatoon Disc Golf Inc., and the sport of disc golf in the region.

For more information or to contact Saskatoon Disc Golf Inc., drop us a line at info@saskatoondiscgolf.ca

Pick ‘n Play snatched up a lot of garbage at Diefenbaker Park

On Sunday, May 7, Saskatoon Disc Golf Inc. and a few of its members picked up a few garbage bags full of trash from Diefenbaker Park in its annual clean up round.

Garbage bags full of trash collected May 7 in the annual clean up round at Diefenbaker Park.

Huge thanks to Greg Rokosh for organizing the event and bringing some prizes to hand out to participants.

SDG hopes for a similar or even better turnout May 13 when they tackle the scattered garbage at Donna L. Birkmaier.

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