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Saskatoon Open: Results

Twenty-eight disc golfers from Saskatoon, Regina, North Battleford and Medicine Hat made up the group of 28 at the 1st Annual Saskatoon Open at Diefenbaker Park.

Jonathan O’Leary finished first in the Open Division, Kai Hicks and Tyler MacKenzie tied for second place. Shawn Glass took home the best score in the Super 9 with an impressive -5.

The Top 5 finishers in the Pro Open Division: Kai Hicks, Jonathan O’Leary, Tyler MacKenzie, Andrew Neufeldt and Casey Murray, Pro Division players at the Saskatoon Open.

Andreas Goett and Chandler O’Leary took home prize packs for the Junior Division, while Logan Leblanc, Jeremy Leblanc, and Francois Biber placed top 3 in the recreational division.

Chandler O’Leary and Andreas Goett from the Junior Division.

Jeremy Leblanc, Logan Leblanc and Francois Biber; top 3 finishers in the Recreational Division.


Huge turnout for Saskatoon’s Trilogy Challenge

A calm sunny day out at Diefenbaker Park brought out some healthy competition for the Saskatoon Trilogy Challenge.

With 70+ registered, the course was full all day Saturday as players flung a new driver, mid-ranger and putter from Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs, for the first time creating a level playing field.

Thanks to all the participants who made it out including the out-of-towners; and for those that couldn’t make it, thanks for supporting the tournament and Saskatoon Disc Golf Inc.

Top 3 finishers in the Open at the Saskatoon Trilogy Challenge.

Final Standings
Open Men’s
Given Name Surname 1st round 2nd round Total Score
Marc D’eon -4 -1 -5
Casey Murray -3 -1 -4
Jordon Kuzma -1 -2 -3
John Kuzma 0 -2 -2
Kai Hicks -3 1 -2
Jonathan O’leary -1 0 -1
Adam Zulkoskey 1 2 3
Cole Digel 0 3 3
Ryan Bryden 3 1 4
Dylan Yablonski 1 3 4
Patrick Block 1 3 4
Braydon York 4 1 5
Andy Palmer 0 7 7
Jason Breckner 5 3 8
Greg Rokosh 4 4 8
Tyler Butz 6 3 9
James Lawson 2 7 9
Lowell Tilk 9 1 10
Michael Dell 4 6 10
Cole Breckner 3 7 10
Tyler Boychuk 0 10 10
Dustin Harrison 5 6 11
Kodi Poettcker 4 7 11
Logan Underwood 7 9 16
Darren Breckner 11 10 21
James Rowland 8 13 21
Cory Sellers 11 12 23
Ryan Patrick 9 14 23
Trevor Van Deventer 9 14 23
Troy Robinson 10 18 28
Mike Schurko 16 16 32
James Olbort 19 22 41
Ryan Jones 32 32 64
Open Women’s
Given Name Surname 1st round 2nd round Total Score
Kate Morrison 9 7 16
Tiera Cardinal 16 21 37
Lisa Waloshin 18 22 40
Sarah Srayko 32 31 63
Given Name Surname 1st round 2nd round Total Score
Chandler O’leary 25 22 47
Amateur Men’s
Given Name Surname 1 Round
Craig Haker -1
Scott Chapman 0
Andrew Kudel 5
Curtis Smeding 6
Kevin Baribeau 6
Steve Ustupski 6
Kyle McIntosh 7
Michael Kuley 8
Jason Coutu 9
Taryn Zacharias 9
Adrian Teare 10
Eric Farries 11
Jonathon Daku 11
Tyrone Okrainetz 13
Logan Campbell 14
Brandon Fell 14
Cameron Baribeau 14
Curt Bimson 14
Murray Gordon 16
Aaron Timpany 16
Eric Pulvermacher 17
Caleb Haight 21

Update on the Saskatoon Open

Book your time off now as the Saskatoon Open is taking over Diefenbaker Park July 29 – 30th.

Saskatoon Disc Golf Inc., is only accepting 90 players for this tournament so don’t hesitate to enter and be a part of this incredible event.


The tournament will be run over two days with two rounds of 18 on Saturday, plus a third round of 18 on Sunday, followed by a pro-tee, 9-hole final to wrap up the event.

Cash payouts will be awarded in the Pro Division and there will be prizes for Advanced and Recreational divisions.


Registration Now Open for Triology Challenge: July 8

This summer Saskatoon Disc Golf Inc. is bringing the Trilogy Challenge to Diefenbaker Park on July 8.

Registration is now open: CLICK HERE

Open Division – $55 or $50 with an SDG Membership

Amateur/ Women’s/Junior Division – $50 or $45 with an SDG Membership.

The Trilogy Challenge will be played over 2 rounds of 18 (1 round for Women’s, Amateur and Junior) at Diefenbaker Park. Prizes will only be awarded to top players in the Open division.

SDG is also offering players a $5/round Ace Pot – winner takes all.

Tournament Breakdown

9 am – 9:45 am: Player Pack Pickups/Player’s Meeting.

10 am: 1st round shotgun start, all divisions.

Noon: Break

12:30 – 1 pm: Start of 2nd round (groups based on scores from 1st round) – Open division

3 pm: Wrap up, presentations, prizes.

Player packs include 3 discs:

Lattitude 64 Driver – Opto River Pro

Westside Discs Mid-range – VIP Pine

Dynamic Discs Putter: Prime Deputy

Here’s a Facebook Live review of the 3 discs.

Player packs also include a Trilogy T-Shirt, scorecard and pencil, and a Trilogy Challenge Mini.

The idea behind the Trilogy Challenge is to grow the sport of disc golf by providing beginners with everything they need to play. The event started in 2014 with 273 events around the world with just over 10,000 players competing in these events.

In 2016, the Trilogy Challenge held 326 events in 11 different countries with just over 12,000 players competing in these events.

For more information on registration contact tournaments@saskatoondiscgolf.ca


Pick ‘n Play snatched up a lot of garbage at Diefenbaker Park

On Sunday, May 7, Saskatoon Disc Golf Inc. and a few of its members picked up a few garbage bags full of trash from Diefenbaker Park in its annual clean up round.

Garbage bags full of trash collected May 7 in the annual clean up round at Diefenbaker Park.

Huge thanks to Greg Rokosh for organizing the event and bringing some prizes to hand out to participants.

SDG hopes for a similar or even better turnout May 13 when they tackle the scattered garbage at Donna L. Birkmaier.

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